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Chernyshevska St., 63d, Kharkov

During the massage you will receive

  • A sexy show with striptease elements performed by a charming girl in beautiful underwear.
  • Unlimited number of orgasms.
  • The erotic part. A seductive girl touches you with her sexy body, fusses with her chest and belly, she excites you, and then comes a bright relaxation.
  • Gentle kisses during the erotic part.
  • A relaxing full body massage – our masseuse will certainly relax all your muscles.
  • Shower together with the girl at the end of the program.

Learn more about massage

Learn more about massage

Other massages

We all know the simple truth that men love with their eyes. And in order to calm down male curiosity, we present to you our new program – Non-stop massage with an erotic massage girl only for the most experienced clients.

This is an erotic massage for men, filled with a whole kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations. You will have a unique opportunity to watch the sexual lady of an emancipated and seductive beauty who is passionately dancing and caressing herself.

And at that moment, when the level of excitement reaches the limit, the caressing movements of the masseuse will make your mind explode from the experienced feelings, and your body will lose control in the enchanting and such long-awaited relaxation.

Non-stop massage in the company of one girl

Massage in experienced and sensual hands is becoming a powerful tool for large enjoyment. Its technique allows a woman to gently and deeply get into the world of the sacred masculine ego and gradually move into a state of full acceptance and worship of the stronger sex. Relaxing full body massage makes it possible to develop sensory touches into erotic massage, which will help the partner relax and awaken wild natural energy in him.

Traditional and modern erotic techniques allow to make massage for men, responding to every movement of the body and leading to fantastic relaxation. This is a way of a new acceptance of the world, a feeling of oneself in it, an intimate contact with one's sensual beginning. Girls trained in this art expect you to visit the Erotic massage salon and try this kind of relaxation and sexual pleasure on yourself.

What awaits you in the process of intimate massage?

The sexual touch of a beautiful half-naked girl will help you feel how each cell of your body responds to them. An exciting massage performed by the sensual fingers of a masseuse is accompanied by an erotic show with a sex toy so that you can enjoy the process with the help of all the sensory organs.

Which aspects will be discovered with stimulating massage for men?

  • The feeling of sweet kisses throughout the body puts you into the depths of the most vivid feelings and emotions. You can forget all the negative emotions, brush off insults and other negative thoughts and live through these moments of pleasure, enjoying them to the fullest.
  • The soft and truly feminine energy, going from the hands of the masseuse, will strengthen your self-esteem and through a massage that brings to orgasm, will bring to life a new wave of pleasure.
  • You can try massage with orgasm and erotica in the shower – the driving crazy movements of the hands, buttocks, firm breasts of a young beauty will make your wildest dreams come true.

An elite rest should bring unforgettable pleasure, and the salon “Imperia” offers you massage services in Kharkov, which guarantee you this unforgettable experience, which you will want to repeat again and again…



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