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  • Pole dance
  • Erotic
  • Virtual
  • Bar room
  • Hookah
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Salon on Chernyshevskaya

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It is for all 100% the best erotic massage in Kharkiv, it justified not only the description, but also surpassed my expectations! I didn't know that in Kharkiv so are able … In total very coolly, in the bar card my favourite whisky is)) the Administration on the high up mark of communication with guests and young girls are professionals, the make super massage. I will come once more!

Friends recommended the Empire. I visited, impressions are excellent, I liked an erotic massage of a prostate . Kharkiv, thanks for hospitality! To the charming long-haired brunette and red-hair women, special respect! I'm thankful for the spent time in their embraces, for caress and a pleasant conversation. The great sense of humor and professional approach to massage bribed. I will be glad to get to the “Imperia” one more time!

I was yesterday,it was pleasant. P.S. on bar counter I forgot change=) I will be on a holiday again I will come =)))

I want to notice that the salon is one of the best!. Hmm...as well as Erica your bends dement me and plasticity causes the most rough imaginations. you are ideal! don't argue!. Thank you that you are.!

I looked for a long time where neither my husband nor I weren't. We got on the website “Imperia” . I read responses and I decided to present a gift to my husband as an exotic massage for both of us. My husband didn't even know where I would bring him. We got pleasure when we had visited the salon. I think we will visit your salon one more time. So thankful to Eva and Alexandra.

Everything corresponds to what is told on the phone. Photo of girls, price, time. I was the first time, everything was pleasant. I am sorry that took one of the cheapest programs, in the process I wanted to prolong, but it was already told impossible. Administrator Nastya is a good girl, thanks

Lisa was a wonder! Beautiful, a wonderful smile, and pleasant voice. Her touch was lite a dream, it was a moment I wished would never end! Never have I experienced such pleasure at the hands.






















Learn about out location

Salon on Chernyshevskaya

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Empire - erotic massage parlour

We guarantee absolute privacy for our guests! Working process is arranged so that face-to-face meeting is excluded. Everything that happens in Imperia , stays there forever.



Only in our salon any form of pleasure is available. You can treat yourself to different erotic shows: either you want to witness the fiery movements of beautiful stranger or take part in sweet playing of two naked girls. All these and even more you can experience on Imperia.

Show programs

Show programs

In Imperia we have professional techniques of relaxation. Our girls can manage to do every type of erotic massage. Now it’s up to you! Peek your style and leave the rest to our wonderful girls.

Erotic massage

Erotic massage

In the erotic massage salon "Imperia" there is always an atmosphere of passion and ecstasy. King-size beds, hot shower, discreet music and delicate scent of massage oils will give you an unforgettable feeling of bliss and harmony.



Only the most seductive girls await you here! Elegant forms, exiting glances, sensual lips and unusually gentle hands will show you earthy heaven. Our skillful Goddesses will bring all your desires to life.



The safety and comfort of our clients is the foundation for everything we do! You will be provided with clean towels, bathrobes, necessary disposable hygiene products, slippers and so on.



Our salons: Kharkov Chernyshevska Street, 63d
Our phones: +38 (066) 402-65-44
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Gentle erotic massage in Kharkiv - VIP relaxation in "IMPERIA"

A huge number of domestic and business obligations will certainly cause fatigue and apathy to a man in the contemporary world. There is a way to temporarily forget about all the difficulties and reboot, get a full recovery from them by ordering a VIP erotic massage in the elite erotic massage salon “IMPERIA”. Those who appreciate comfort and crave for complete physical and moral relaxation will definitely enjoy this kind of leisure in Kharkiv. An ideal massage with erotic elements from sexy ladies with perfect forms – is the most powerful way to restore strength and in a form that is natural for any adult.

An erotic massage was actively practiced in the Ancient East - this method of recovery was in a great demand among the highest nobility. Today, the elite erotic massage in Kharkiv can be afforded by anyone who knows the value of their work, time and efforts. The high-quality massage “with a twist” from our well-trained girls combines the experience of many generations and new relaxation techniques. During the session, all muscle groups are involved in the process - you can simultaneously improve your well-being and get a powerful emotional discharge.

Salon "IMPERIA" - is the center of erotic body massage in Kharkov

Our erotic full body massage combines classic techniques aimed at activating all your muscle groups, as well as soft and sensual tactics which result in the masseuse’s smooth actions on your erogenous zones and bringing YOU to the peak of pleasure.

Our relaxing massage - is a quality technique of working out each muscle of your body. An important aspect of such relaxation is that it restores physical strength, but it also deeply affects psychological barriers. This relaxation helps temporarily empty the head, clear the mind and concentrate on positive emotions from the current moment. A good massage made by one, two or three beautiful girls will replace a dozen psychologists at once.

"IMPERIA" - is the professional erotic massage services in Kharkiv

All the girls who are working in our salon are trained at the highest level so that each guest can get the most out of the professional massage and communication with the masseuse.

Our erotic massage girls are attractive and responsive, always in a good mood and the most important part - they will help you to fully recover from anything. The erotic relaxing massage for a man becomes a medicine against fatigue and any emotional ailment once you are in their hands.

In our salon you will be surrounded by the ladies with elastic beautiful bodies, gentle hands and professional knowledge of how to bring the guest to the peak of pleasure through a relaxing erotic massage in Kharkiv. The hot masseuses are greeting the guests in erotic lingerie then escort them to a comfortable room and offer to spend time in their company. They will show you in practice what a REAL VIP vacation is about!

Try out our massage for your complete relaxation in Kharkiv

In the elite salon "IMPERIA" for leisure, every detail is made for your comfort. Come to us and you will become the main hero of an erotic action show, which is saturated with passion and positive energy. You will choose your massage master who will be able to find all the erogenous zones of your body and stir you up through a hot tactile sensation.

  • You can completely relax with us - feel your body, surrender to natural relaxation in order to temporarily abandon all earthly concerns.
  • You will enjoy the wonderful "picture". The erotic massage salon IMPERIA in Kharkiv offers you one or several girls at once to your own liking. We have more than 30 masseuses among whom there is for sure an ideal one specially for you. We have only real photos of real girls at our website!
  • Let’s try something new. Each guest will find something that he will like. And if there is no suitable program in the “menu”, then you can become the director of your own perfect program. Our girls will make all your wildest dreams come true.
  • You can experience an endless amount of relaxations. The erotic massage services in Kharkiv do not imply sexual intercourse but the perfect imitation of intimacy which enthralls and excites your imagination even more is guaranteed for you!

The massage programs - choose your own

Our erotic massage salon in Kharkiv - is a place where not only men can come, but also women and even couples. Everyone wants to get real pleasure, so we offer a choice - a significant number of massages, different shows and authentic programs from the best masters.

The erotic body massage - an individual approach for everyone

We offer erotic massage for men:

  • Classic and basic techniques that may include body-massage for men.
  • Authentic programs - Non-stop with one or two masseuses and the infinite amount of relaxations, a shower with a girl and much more.
  • Premium massages, including Lingam massage, Nuru massage and other techniques. Our beautiful masseuses will show you all the facets of true pleasure through their hot touches.

Erotic massage for women:

  • Standard includes one masseuse, body kisses and a sweet relaxing ecstasy at the end.
  • Double relaxation. This is a relaxing massage during which you – our beautiful guest will reach the highest point of pleasure twice.
  • Premium. Three massage masters at once! Through passionate kisses and gentle touches they will bring your body to the highest point of pleasure and you will completely relax.

Erotic massage for couples:

  • Standard and Standard +. These programs help you to get rid of complexes, expand your boundaries and better understand your body and the desires of your partner.
  • Premium. A body massage with a refined technique of hot touches is complemented by LINGAM and YONI massage. Neither you nor your soulmate will ever be able to forget such a magical experience!
  • VIP. A gentle massage program for two - a combination of passion, temptation, sensuality and excitement, which you can share with your loved one. Masseuses will pamper your eyes with a first-class show using toys, performing a sensual massage session and then leave you in private so that you can enjoy each other.

The professional erotic massage

When you call the massage salon "IMPERIA" you can choose a program, determining the depth of immersion in the world of elite erotica and the best suitable option for you. You can choose the best erotic massage - the duration, intensity and method of pleasure.

The erotic full body massage in "IMPERIA"

We are a professional erotic massage center and we perfectly understand how much our guests value comfort and privacy. Here you can relax completely without worrying that someone will blame you or misunderstand you for that. Our guests do not intersect with each other. You can always choose the best moment to visit the salon - we are waiting for you at any time of the day or night without days off!

Your best relax time is with us!

The price of erotic massage depends on - the chosen program, its duration and the number of masseuses. You will be able to choose an option that is fully suitable for you in terms of the price and level of expected pleasure.You can also view our erotic massage reviews on the website.

We invite you to us - visit “IMPERIA” - a place where you can completely relax, rest and regain strength and receive a desire for new horizons!