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This section familiarizes you with types of exotic massage that are given in our parlour. The scale “Sensuality level” reflects a degree of your erotic sensations during each massage. Choose the one you want to stay with...

Erotic massage for men

An emotional exhaustion, professional distress, constant apathy - all of these are the signs that your body lacks a quality reboot. The elite erotic salon "IMPERIA" offers you the erotic body massage - the most effective way to restore strength and put your mind in order.

What does a professional erotic massage present to a man?

If you want to ease the hardships of everyday life and make your life more meaningful and your body healthier and stronger, you should choose our relaxing massage in Kharkiv! Our experienced masseuses will help you to regain strength, both for men and also erotic massage for women and even for couples. With us, you will learn how to better understand your body, listen to the feelings and desires of your partner and also effectively manage to combat stress situations. The erotic massage is an ideal way to naturally get rid of negativity, switch from a world full of overwhelming reality to a world of fantasy and pleasure and then return back fully “updated”.

The relaxing erotic massage for men in Kharkiv

Not many people realize that if you want to relax you should thoroughly learn it as for example, any professional skill. If you just lay on the couch - it does not really contribute to a complete recovery of strength and even spending a pleasant evening in the company of your friends does not help you to switch your head off. People have noticed how erotic massage is beneficial for the body both for men and women. This process has been studied and people started to transmit knowledge about it. The massage salon “IMPERIA” teaches girls this ancient art, as well as the new modern techniques. Thanks to this, every guest who falls into the tender hands of our erotic masseuses will experience a “heaven pleasure”.

The girls, who have completed the trainings in the techniques, begin to feel the man’s desires more gently, reacting to every movement of his body, breathing rhythm and his desires. Through an erotic Thai massage or an ancient technique - Lingam exotic massage, our girls will help everyone to remove the internal blocks, immersing you in the world of pleasure.

Body massage in Kharkiv - benefits for body and soul

In the context of the world where incessant crazy rhythm, negative emotions and pressure from other people reigns, the human mind along with the body is experiencing enormous stresses. Erotic body massage is not only a physical pleasure, but also an incredible benefit for your organism. Just as meditation, it allows you to forget about the world around you, concentrate on the present moment and set aside all external irritants. But unlike the state of internal concentration, erotic relaxing massage for men and women improves not only the mind, but also the whole body.

After an erotec massage session you will feel refreshed: eliminate internal tensions, regain control over your body and thoughts, you will be able to clearly and soberly look at the world. Best full body massage in Kharkiv easily replaces a session with a psychologist and improves not only the current state, but also positively influence the intimate life in the future.

Erotic body massage for men, women and couples

Upon entering our salon any man, any beautiful lady or even a couple, dreaming to bring a new wave of pleasure to its sexual life, dips into the atmosphere of eroticism and aesthetics. Your rest is planned to the last detail:

  • Erotic body massage comes with the desired intensity. You determine the level of sensuality you want to experience, and you can raise or lower it during the session. Here you will get maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Choose a fixed program or become the director of your own perfect erotic massage for couples, man or woman.
  • Elegant atmosphere, beautiful girls in lingerie, a glass of elite drink — all this will put you in the mood and make your stay within our walls as natural and ease as possible. 
  • Don't worry about safety! Erottic massage does not include sexual intercourse, but with its full imitation, and it will not leave you indifferent to the caress of a charming girl.
  • Privacy is our strong suit. We are well aware of your unwillingness to see a familiar face when visiting such an intimate place. Therefore, the massage salon “Imperia” provided for no direct contacts among the guests. Here you can forget about all other people and unleash your desires and impulses.

Exciting massage for a men lives out the fantasies

Fantasies of the stronger sex often remain hidden, because men are less likely to show feelings. However, every man at least once in his life imagined himself the main character of sexual fantasy in which a beautiful girl (one, and maybe several) massages and brings him to the ultimate pleasure. Dreams should come true, and the salon "Imperia" offers to make the fairy tale come true.

We have a wide range of programs, including Nuru massage, during which our girls use a special gel that allows bodies to easily slide over each other and increases the sensuality of this contact. You can try a body massage in which a girl will caress you with her beautiful body and passionate kisses generating erotic tension. She will give you a real pleasure that you don’t want to forget.

Massage salon for men “Imperia”

The most important resource of any activity is people, and in the massage salon “Imperia” it is our hot and attractive masseuses. The girls take courses, where they are taught classical, Thai and other methods of massage. In addition, they are excellent psychologists and can make even shy guests feel comfortable in their society.

On our web site you can find real photos of the girls who are ready to keep you company and make the best body massage in Kharkiv. We have more than 30 masseuses — all of them have perfect appearance, beautiful appetizing forms and possess professional skills. Choose the beauty you like the most, and she will help you to experience all the facets of bliss within the walls of the salon “Imperia".

Massage for men — natural relaxation and elite rest

Visiting "Imperia" - one of the best massage salons in Ukraine even for regular guests is always a new inspiring experience, allowing you to sense the pleasure at all levels:

  • Physical. Erottic massage allows your body to experience all facets of pleasure – from light relaxation, smoothly turning into a strong animal attraction, to sensual excitement and culmination.
  • Psychological. Our massage sessions give the opportunity to ease your mind, forget about stress, resentment and domestic troubles. Sometimes even a half-hour session is enough to take a fresh look at life and learn to accept difficulties easier.
  • Mental. No judgements and hidden conditions – just you and beautiful masseuses with firm sensual bodies, gentle hands, perfect hips and bust, as if they were designed to give you true pleasure.

The erotic massage for men – VIP pleasure

In the salon "Imperia" you will find a special experience that cannot be compared with any other practices. It will give you amazing emotions, relaxation, and let you reach a new level of sensuality and eroticism. We know how to give a relaxing massage to a man, so that the remaining impression won’t allow him to forget these bright feelings and will get him back to us again and again!



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