Our salons:

Chernyshevska St., 63d, Kharkov

What does massage involve

  1. A glass of Italian champagne will set you on the intimate mood and help to loosen up.
  2. Full body massage made by a handsome and gentle massage therapist using natural olive oil.
  3. Exotic part of the program with erotic elements that brings you to the full sexual relaxation.
  4. Taking a shower together with a masseur.
  5. Another erotic part to achieve a bright emotional effect with an orgasm

During the massage you will receive

  • new shades of pleasure that you have never experienced before
  • double reaching the highest point of bliss with tender touches and kisses
  • opportunity to choose a male or female therapist

Learn more about massage

Learn more about massage

Other massages

Double relax” massage for women in Kharkiv

This is a completely new shades of pleasure that you have not experienced before. The secret of “Double relax” lies in the talented and golden hands of our massage therapist. a male or female masser will bring you to sexual relaxation only with touches and kisses. This technique was created special for women and now it appeared in Kharkiv.
“Double relax”for girls starts with a glass of Italian champagne that helps you to relax and catch the wave of romance and sexuality. After that strong but at the same time gentle hands of the massage therapist cover your body with natural olive oil and stretch all of your muscles from head to toes. Then classic massage smoothly turns into erotic part bringing you to an orgasm and when you relax sexually and physically a joint shower awaits you. After all you can take a little breath and sip champagne before the final part of massage. Repeated erotic part with more emotional and sensual sexual relaxation. Also, according to your desire, the Eastern Yoni technique can be used.