Silver - STAGE 2
Program duration:   60 minutes Price:   1200 UAH


Stage 2:

1. Two ladies will simultaneously and slowly take their clothes off before you.

2. Then they spread a fragrant olive oil on your body.

3. Further you will be given an energizing classic massage that ladies will make synchronically with four hands.

4. A striking and unforgettable happy ending will be ensured by the final part of program that includes professional movements of hands, touching with breast, belly and butt massage.

Main exotic massage techniques made with four hands will fit passionate and complicated natures, who are ready to experiment with number of active participants, involved in the exotic massage session.

If you have chosen the 2nd level, be ready to experience:

- Double pleasure and attention;
- Bright emotions and feelings from combining of two different massage techniques;
- Powerful happy ending;
- Extremely tender and energizing classic massage with two hands of professional masseuses.


>  We honor each client and its personal preferences. Thus you can always draw up your personal Relaxation program, give it to our administrator and we will gladly bring your sensory imaginations into reality.
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