Our salons:

Chernyshevska St., 63d, Kharkov

What does massage involve

  1. Lesbian and Peep show witch SEX – toys performed by a charming girls in hot underwear.
  2. The erotic part includes kisses of your body, touching a girls body.
  3. Unlimited Erotic part`s with body to body massage and full relaxation.
  4. Classic 4 – arm massage.
  5. A shower together with the girl at the end of the program, with erotic in the shower and relax in the shower.
  6. Lingam massage.
  7. Italian champagne bottle.

During the massage you will get

  • Sex Show with toys (Lesbian show and peep show).
  • Unlimited relaxes.
  • Full classic massage. 
  • no limit body massage. 
  • Lesbian show. 
  • kisses of the body.
  • Touching a girl.
  • erotic in the shower.
  • Lingam massage. 
  • erotic costume.
  • Relax in the shower.
  • Italian champagne bottle.

Learn more about massage

Learn more about massage

Other massages

The modern rhythm of life is accompanied by a lot of stressful situations. And you need to overcome them, otherwise you can reach a nervous breakdown. One of the most effective ways to reload is a relaxing massage in Kharkiv, which has nothing to do with any classical therapeutic massage.

With us you will experience sensual pleasure, because once you fall into the tender hands of our seductive massage girls, we guarantee that you will get a charge of vivid emotions and experience incredible ecstasy. We know what our customers need to get rid of their daily troubles, and we create the most comfortable conditions for them.

Body massage is the awakening of hidden masculine energy

Relaxing massage has long been revered all over the world as a sensual procedure that can relieve not only physical stress, but also emotional stress. Erotic massage in Kharkov is aimed at awakening and maintaining men's health. It also gives a lot of pleasant emotions, relaxation and ecstasy, which you will want to repeat.

Our beautiful girls are perfect in oriental massage techniques. By sensual, gentle effects on the erogenous zones of men, they will make you full of energy and might from the first minutes of the session.

The correct body massage in Kharkov is a relaxing and, at the same time, tonic massage. During the session, all muscles relax, which makes it possible to remove tension completely. Exciting massage for men takes away anxiety and irritation, helps you cope with emotional burnout, restores the taste for life.

Four hands massage means double pleasure

Sacred lingam massage by four hands is a real pleasure for those who want to release their sexual energy and get sensual pleasure without intimate contact. Tantric technique, which came to us from India, and honed to perfection by many years of practice, will reveal new sides of your sexuality.

Our girls know everything about erogenous zones and are able to bring you to the top of pleasure, making your dearest fantasies come true. By creating a relaxed atmosphere during a massage with two girls, you can discover all the sides of pleasure. 

Lingam massage helps you actually feel like a man, and remove all emotional barriers. Gentle erotic massage by four hands gives you twice as many pleasant sensations, covering at the same time a maximum of sensory points. Just imagine how two graceful beauties gently touch you, stroke and excite, gradually bringing you to the top of ecstasy. After you tried and experienced the session from beginning to end, you will understand what a double temptation is, and, for sure, you will want to repeat it.

All kinds of pleasure in one place

In our salon you will perfectly relax in Kharkiv, and you will remember it with a bright emotional outburst and sensual pleasure. Passionate and hot girls will make you the best erotic massage ever. In addition, a hot lesbian show with sex toys, where the erotic level “knocks you off”, and it will help you reach the pinnacle of bliss, allowing you to completely forget about everyday boring life.


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