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How to make an unforgettable Nuru massage: the secrets of the Imperia erotic saloon

How to make an unforgettable Nuru massage: the secrets of the Imperia erotic saloon


What is erotic massage?


Erotic body massage is pleasure in its purest manifestation. This is an opportunity to get a new sensual experience, add newness and freshness to your sex life and discover a new level of bliss.

NURU massage feature


Nuru massage is one of the most intimate massages. The exclusivity of this technique is that the massage therapist, giving an exciting massage, gives unimaginable pleasure and brings to the top of the ecstasy with just one touch, even without intimacy. The main goal of Nuru massage is a complete physical and emotional discharge. A feature of the NURU technique is the use of a colorless massage gel without taste or smell. For this reason, oriental NURU massage is often called soap massage. The gel has no contraindications for use, so it is suitable for everyone who wants to discover the world of new erotic sensations.

Massage technique or how to do NURU massage


Thai intimate massage and its technique are quite different from the traditional, familiar to us, procedure. How is NURU massage done for a man in our erotic saloon (for a woman it differs only in masseur sex):

  1. Step 1. Gently and smoothly, a few drops, a charming massage girl begins to pour oily gel on her young, toned body. With light movements, playing and teasing herself, she evenly distributes it throughout her body. The skin becomes silky and moist, which causes a great desire to touch it. The absence of the smell of the gel allows you to enjoy the incredible view and inhale the sweet smell of a woman.
  2. Step 2. A cool gel is applied to your hot body, and you, with all your being, are eager to release your dormant desires. But it’s too early.
  3. Step 3. With light, barely perceptible touches, the masseuse begins the performance, where you are the only spectator and actor.
  4. Step 4. The girl gently puts you on your back and sits astride with the grace of a wild cat. With stroking movements, massages the back, starting from the shoulders and going down.
  5. Step 5. Having provoked and aroused a little, the temptress will turn you on your back and again take the pose of a rider.
  6. Step 6. First, with gentle hands, she touches your toes, gradually rising higher, on the inner side of the thigh, but not touching the main center of pleasure, and then focuses on your chest and stomach.
  7. Step 7. Having brought you almost to an orgasm, the girl will not calm down and continue her game, changing hands massage to pleasant touches to you with roundness of her chest and hips, hair. Her uneven breathing will add piquancy.
  8. Step 8. Smoothly moving naked body, the girl gradually kindles a fire inside you and with each of her movements thoughts of problems leave your head, but instead a storm of new, vivid sensations is born.
  9. Step 9. Gentle movements of the girl bring a long-awaited moment of ecstasy, and sensual touches drive you crazy.
  10. Step 10. Each movement of the girl excites you, causing thousands of the finest nerve endings to tremble, and you understand that very little is left to the top of pleasure.
  11. Step 11 or the culmination. And now a wave of ecstasy is rolling, captivating and dipping you into the sweet whirlpool of passion, and the girl’s smooth movements are still continuing, enhancing your pleasure.


You need to understand that not only tactile touches give pleasure, but also the energy of passion that beats over the edge, emanating from the waves of a seductive masseuse.

Where can you try NURU massage?


Of course, you can try to make the best Nuru erotic massage for couples with your sexual partner at home, in order to turn your sex life into a love art, get closer and show your love for a partner not with words, but with the help of hot touches. But what to do if at the moment you do not have a permanent sexual partner, or perhaps you are shy or do not know how to do such a relaxation? An intimate massage saloon is exactly what you need!

We are the relax Kharkiv Imperia erotic massage saloon, offer a variety of leisure activities, among which you will surely find one that suits your mood best. Having a relaxing massage with us, you will look at the world with a completely new look and you will feel a huge rise in physical and emotional strength, as if you are able to conquer and kneel the whole world. A gentle erotic massage will present you with colorful emotions, open up new aspects of euphoria and add a touch of hot novelty to your gray routine.

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