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Online flirting: what it can give and when it is time to stop chatting

Online flirting: what it can give and when it is time to stop chatting


Let's dream for a while. Your darling in seductive lingerie, smelling wonderfully, gently invites you into a room with a dim light to do a full body massage for man of her dreams ... and then she notices that her darling looks too closely at the phone screen, smiling to something. Inevitably, she will want to know what caused this reaction. And if at this or any similar moment she has the thought of the existence of another girl, even a pen pal, that’s all ... A man has to prepare for a long and serious examination of their relationship.

Such an exaggerated situation demonstrates two extremes – male foolishness in chatting with a girl and female jealousy, which can start at any time. How do you know when online dating goes beyond the boundaries and turns into extra-marital affair? We are looking for fine lines with the "Imperia".

Communication without limits


Messengers made the communication between people easier, which took away the limits of what is allowed. Many people think that communication on the Internet has nothing to do with his personality. Men think that infidelity is a body contact. But a woman thinks that even some forms of communication is a betrayal.

We will give you an example. A man orders an erotic striptease show and sets off with friends to relax in an elite salon after a hard-working week. The program includes dancing, beautiful girls, probably even sensual massage, relaxing body massage. This communication does not imply sexual contact, which in the eyes of a man does not make such visit to the salon as a betrayal. But it does not create any spiritual intimacy which is important for the spouse. Feeling the hands of a massage girl, he can imagine his beloved, to whom, after the session, he will return like newborn and sexually charged. Probably, erotic body massage for men will only be good for relations.chatting with another girl

But this cannot be said about online communication. Meeting a girl with who you met on the Internet – it is the contact of two inner worlds. This is what women are very sensible to. As soon as ordinary friendly or business correspondence turns into deep communication, harmonious coexistence in the family begins to ruin.

Do all the girls check their boyfriend’s phone


Surveys confirm very old fact: every woman at least once in her life got into the phone of her boyfriend/groom/husband. There may be the following reasons:

  • The girl began to notice that in his free time, which the man could spend with her, he is sitting with the phone and does not show what he is doing there.
  • Your sweetheart had a bitter experience of past relationships. She does not ask any longer: “Why are men cheating?” She just knows that this can happen. And sometimes she just wants to make sure that everything is all right.
  • Once she flirted online and now she knows all signs of excessive interest in the partner in conversation.
  • This may happen by accident.…

The truth is that meeting on the net, specially or accidentally caught by your darling, will certainly make her worry. Especially important is the man’s first reaction to the question: “Who are you talking to there?”.

How should react when the wife found chatting with another girl


How to flirt properlyEveryone flirts. People who are married, in an open relationship or in search of a soul mate – each person takes flirting as a compliment from the opposite sex. Your wife or girl also flirts because, like any person, she feels the need to like.

Men flirt to test "fighting" skills. It is important for them to feel that they are interesting to the opposite sex. Women, if they are in good mood and psychological balance, understand this and are usually loyal.

If you know that you are flirting exclusively for this purpose, just tell your darling when she asks what is happening. Honesty will make it clear that there is no reason to worry and communication with a stranger will soon end.

What woman considers as a betrayal


  • Long and regular communication. The girl understands that the partner of little interest will not hold attention of a man for a long time. If she suspects that you are going out to chat with another woman at certain intervals, she will definitely try to find out the details.
  • Communication with a stranger instead of communicating with a beloved one. When a girl discovers correspondence, she will definitely pay attention to time. If the conversation took place at night when you had to sleep with her sweetly, or enjoy love pleasures, or at least do a relaxing massage to each other, then such communication will definitely be regarded as betrayal.
  • Talking about something personal. The worse thing that a man discusses his personal life with another woman can only be his interest in her personal life. When such relationship is discovered, the spouse regards this as a betrayal of her husband. It is as if a man complains about the problems of existing relations wondering how things are going on in other families.


How to flirt properly


You should not limit yourself to flirt with a beautiful woman who clearly sends you vibes. But if you do it all the time, hide, provoke your darling on unpleasant thoughts and actions, it is extremely ugly just because it would be unpleasant for the man himself. Imagine your own feelings after discovering the close correspondence of your girlfriend with some guy ... One can imagine that women's sensitivity will only make worse these already painful feelings.

Do not provoke a person once again and not ruin the foundation of your relationship with silly online flirting. Take care of your darling and your own nerves if you really take care of her.

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