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Show programs offered by the salon "Imperia" – proposition for all tastes

Show programs offered by the salon


A massage can become the real event if you diversify it with sensual peep show, frank strip show or a four-hand lesbian massage from the sexy girls of “Imperia” salon.

Do you want to find out what is included in the massage session? Here you will be pampered not only with soft and gentle touches, but also with the impressive show. We can make all the wildest fantasies become reality.

pip show program

Peep show for those who like watching from the outside


When a beautiful girl is left alone, she forgets about decency and turns into a real devil. Hidden from ordinary eyes behaviour wishes to be caught by hungry masculine looks. Men, in turn, want to admire the true femininity exuded by a seductive female body.

Have you ever thought about the peep show? What can provoke such strong emotions that you haven’t experienced yet? The answer is that everyone likes spying, but not everyone has found a worthy object for which they would violate social rules so innocently.

A peep show for those who appreciate beautiful female forms, like watching graceful movements of a girl caressing herself in the most intimate places.

Do you want to know better what the peep show is? Sign up for a session in the salon "Imperia" at any time, day or night, and you will become a member of a miraculous event which smoothly turns into erotic massage with orgasm.

Strip show - entertainment for real men


Do not try to resist! We know how much you dream of seeing a real striptease performed by girls with perfect bodies in erotic costumes and professional dance training. Every man wants a girl to dance a frank, passionate, unforgettable lap dance! This is what our salon offers to you. Such leisure is suitable for you if:

  1. Want to relieve fatigue after a hard day at work. The most beautiful girls will perform a strip show for you, and you will forget about all the worries. Time will stand still, allowing you to dive into the world of sexual fantasies.
  2. Want to relax in the men's company. Kharkiv salon "Imperia" offers the best way to spend time with friends and colleagues, ordering sessions with strippers and erotic massage as a harmonious continuation.
  3. You are planning a bachelor party. What a party can be without exotic dancing on the pylon from seductive girls with beautiful bodies! Our beauties will help you and your friend to say goodbye to the life of a bachelor!


!!! Please note that this service is provided only by appointment. Therefore, think out your vacation in advance.

Lesbian show - a perfect foreplay


lesbian program

Imagine: You are in a comfortable room, relaxing with a glass of the elite drink, in the company of two seductive beauties. Girls laugh and dance, gradually moving to caresses and kisses. You keep watching two beauties turn each other on, touching the intimate points, kissing, throwing off their clothes and underwear.

Sexual toys appear in their hands, which charming ladies do not hesitate to use for their games. Your breathing becomes faster and faster, pupils dilate and the hot desire spreads over your body.

Girls lure you to their game, caress your body, pampering with erotic Lesbian massage and passionate kisses. The ideal conclusion is explosive relaxation, which instantly relieves tension and transforms you, giving strength for new achievements.

Such a picture cannot but arouse vivid feelings. Such a show performed by beautiful sexy girls will remain in your memory for a long time. We invite you to the massage salon "Imperia" (Kharkiv, Kharkiv region).

Residents of our city have already experienced the miraculous power of eroticism and healing massage. Now it is your turn!

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