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Your first time at eromassage: what is expected from a session?

Your first time at eromassage: what is expected from a session?


The ability to relax your body and soul is as important as the ability to work productively. It seems that the best massage for men is just a fancy for adult boys who can treat themselves from time to time or even live without it. But if everything was so simple, an exciting massage for men would not survive the test of time. The fact that such technique is still in great demand tells about the enormous benefits and unusual experience that you can get at a relax massage salon.

full body massage for men However, doing something for the first time is always exciting. An unknown experience and a huge psychological gap between body pleasure and public opinion hide the result, making the first visit to the erotik massage salon as a secret event. So, what does this “massage with erotica for men” mean, why all modern erosalons invite us to try it so persistently? Let's figure it out together.

What an erotic massage is


Exotic massage techniques from ancient times are used both as a sexual prelude and as a way to recover strength and relieve stress. Modern salons stick to strict rules of limiting sexual relations between guests and masseuses, focusing on the relaxing benefits of massage.

When you contact a girl in the salon, you get an extremely safe experience, without sexual contact, however, very skillfully copying an intimate relationship. Such a fine line is subject only to experienced beauties who had special training. For example, "Imperia" erotic masseuses work in our salon and master the following techniques:

  • The art of classic massage including massage of the back, arms, legs, head, abdomen and chest.
  • Oriental tantric techniques including elements of the full body massage for men (touching the body of a masseuse to the guest's body).
  • Lingam massage (effect on male erogenous zones) and other fine practices.


What you need to visit a massage salon


  1. Before the visit you should contact the administrator to find out the details of the massage order. Such information can be found on the website or in online chat.
  2. Honest adult massage salon always provides real photos of girls. The site of the "Imperia" contains information about erotic masseuses – study it and choose the perfect girl who will introduce you to the world of erotic pleasure.
  3. The first experience can shock a little by the cost, but as soon as you enter our salon, you will immediately understand why the relaxing erotic massage price is so high. Each girl is beautiful, absolutely healthy and always in a good mood. Comfortable rooms, an intimate pleasant atmosphere and complete privacy fully compensate the price.


How to be prepared for erotic massage


erotic masseuses Years of experience in the massage industry allowed us to collect several life hacks that will help relieve stress and do erotic massage for man for the first time with the greatest effect:

  1. When you decide to come for the first time, you should talk about the arrival in advance. In this case you will be able to meet the girl you have chosen. The administrator will tell the time when the masseuse will work and will choose a convenient hour for you.
  2. Prepare your body at home. Yes, before the massage you will be asked to take another shower, but this procedure is only needed to cool off. Clean and shaved body gives a man confidence, and the girl – comfort. Besides, this way you show respect for the masseuse, so she will be happier to bring you joy and she will do her best.
  3. The elite salon will offer you a glass of a relaxing drink to prepare you to relaxation. Simpler places may not give you that, and if you get worried, you should think about it in advance. However, to get drunk before an erotic massage is extremely undesirable, you risk to spoil your entire rest. Glass of champagne or 50 grams of cognac will be enough.
  4. Don't hesitate to mention at the reception that it is your first time in the salon erotik. In this case, all of the staff and the masseuses will be happy to give you maximum pleasure to have you back.
  5. Do not take the shortest session. When you order eromassage for the first time even one hour will be not enough. The girl will try to please you and confused feelings could have a negative impact on the result because of the limited time. You will get a lot of pleasure, forgetting time and completely trusting your companion if you order the program for 1.5 – 2 hours.
  6. For a first experience full body massage for men or back will be perfect. It is accompanied by a body massage (where the masseuse touches you not only by her hands, but her belly, hips, breasts and lips), and, if you want, the technique of the Lingam can be added. This ancient practice of sacred touch to the male erogenous zones will give you an unforgettable experience that you will remember with pleasure for a long time.


Evaluate the result


Any new experience makes you very nervous. Eromassage differs from everything else because it never disappoints you. The masseuse not only touches your body, but also plays with your inner sensations about which you may not even know. Until the first time, of course. After taking away the limits and seeing a new side of erotica, you will not be able to forget a visit to the massage salon. This memory will come back to you at the most difficult moments and give you strength, recalling the happiness and unlimited pleasure you experienced.

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