Our salons:

Chernyshevska St., 63d, Kharkov

The right atmosphere, comfortable massage rooms and sterile showers - an exotic massage salon "Imperia" cares about its guests’ comfort and offers impeccable service for you to get the best relaxation in your life. 

Royal ero massage in ideal conditions

"Imperia" is not trivial massage salon with white walls, but a VIP-level one. It was created not only for the physical relaxation of our guests, but also for their maximum pleasure. Our massage salon, the pictures of which convey the ideal conditions created by us, is thought out to the smallest detail:

  • Cozy spacious rooms with wide massage beds, mirrors and air conditioning.
  • The interior of the massage salon is full of designer details that create comfort and romantic atmosphere.
  • The availability of shower stalls both in massage rooms and in separate rooms for your convenience.

The devil’s in the details, so we created bright accents that make your staying withing the walls of our establishment especially pleasant.

  • Exciting odors and subtle scents. Even with your eyes closed, you will sense the presence of eroticism.
  • High-quality interior. It is important for our guests to be surrounded with high-quality items, and we took care of this.
  • Pleasant textures. Full immersion in the tranquil, exclusive world of relaxation is possible only if all your senses are affected. Touching high-quality furniture will give you as much pleasure as touching the velvet skin of our masseuses.
  • Clean and safe. We guarantee perfect tidiness within our walls.

The special features of the "Imperia" interior

We look forward to demonstrating the interior of our massage salon, the pictures of which you can find on our website. We are proud of our transparent policies and always adhere to the golden rule: provide only real pictures of the girls and the appearance of the premises.

The elaborate design of chill-out zones and the availability of a great number of massage rooms allow us to take in several guests at the same time avoiding the direct contact between them. This nuance is thought out for your comfort and safety, so that your presence for participating in our mesmerizing show with experienced masseuses will be perfect for you.

"Imperia" is a VIP massage salon, the interior of which is as impeccable as the erotic massage performed by the most beautiful masseuses in Kharkiv.